Warning! Most Golf Instruction and Golf Instructors Don’t Know Much About How Humans Can Best Play Golf

I’m on a few “mailing lists” to other golf publishers (probably like you are on mine). I like to see what content and information-products are being pedaled.

I just got yet another “sale” email, from that big site with an R at the start of their name.

So much technical, aesthetic, confusing garbage; addictive use of video camera’s, positions, angles; this sought of instruction does and will damage your golf.

Here is the latest bit of wisdom by the big R’s star teacher. These guy’s have all been schooled in the traditional angles and pretty swing technical methods of teaching. So bad. Plus most of them don’t play golf anymore; they lose touch with how to PLAY and score at golf.

The scenario: A student on the mailing list asks: “What can I do to help keep my weight left?”… so he can hit a draw shot.

The teacher starts talking about angles and arms and starting with the weight left? What is left? Unanswerable question of course.

Here is my post below. Enjoy, learn and you be the judge to how you should tackle this weight-left question.

My post begins below in the comment section on the big R’s site…

Weight left part 1
Weight left part 2
Weight left part 3

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