Tips on ripping your driver long and straight

In this article you will find some useful tips on driving long and straight.

I’m back playing competition golf (several games/week). It always takes a few weeks to get all parts of my game up to a good standard that can produce par and sub-par rounds.

I scored +5 the other day at the challenging Byron Bay Golf Club – while hitting just 4 greens in regulation! The short-game and short-putting were excellent, the driving – not good.

I was hitting pushes to the right – off the toe of the club, and also, I hit couple of quick ugly hooks.

I had a consistency to these shots: they were hit from the toe of the club-face, and they were damn ugly!

The consistency meant my pre-shot routine and actual swing were the same on each shot.

So what was the problem?

Midway through the back nine, I realized when I was over the ball, I was edging away from the ball during the time when I was settling into my stance and taking my two waggles. I was ending up too far away from the ball (my swing plane was too upright for this wrong ball position).

Another thing I realized was that I struck my 3-wood superbly. I like to hit down a little on 3-woods. Hitting off the grass without a tee – combined with the shorter 3-wood shaft means the correct angle of attack is quite a bit steeper compared to playing a drive off a tee.

(I also feel that I have more wrist-hinge on 3-woods off the grass – which helps to steepen the swing. So the angle of attack and distance from the ball, should rightly be different between these two clubs).

So the driver started to get slightly better in the last 4 holes.

A few days later I find myself 800km south (in Sydney) and playing more competition golf. The driver got better and better as I got comfortable with standing in the correct position at address and no fidgeting away from the ball. By the end of Sundays round I was ripping the driver with a “backswing, wait, downswing”.

I like tuning up my driver set-up position and transition from the top of the swing, by hitting drives into the practice nets. In the nets, there are no distractions, the ball only travels a few yards, you are free to focus on your timing and hitting the ball out of the center of the club-face.


Do more do less


To summarize, how you set up to the ball – including your distance from the ball, is very important. If you can go through a solid pre-shot routine, set-up correctly, then make a powerful swing that includes a smooth transition, you will hit the ball long and straight.

Learning from a pattern of shots (as I did) can pave the way for solid ball-striking in future rounds. Always be working on improving each part of your game. By “trying” – even when you’re not scoring well – you might just uncover a fault or key that can turn around a particular part of your game for months to come.

In The Automatic Golf System and Magic-Move, and Adults Golf Swing Training, I give you more tips on how to create a natural feel-based pre-shot routine, and importantly – how to master the most important move in the golf swing – the transition from backswing to downswing: “The Magic-Move.”

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