The Truth About Putting Strokes

In a recent article/email I wrote to my subscribers, I detailed how Truth About Putting devotee, “super senior” and good putter, Joan, putts well even though she sets up right and pulls the ball online.

I gave Joan an in-person lesson a couple of months after she discovered the Truth About Putting. I detailed in the article how I wasn’t going to change her technique and how we would stick to the Truth About Putting principles – The 4 R’s of putting.

Why? Because when you adhere to the 4-R’s you bring out the most important elements of putting: feel, tempo and having a vivid INTENTION of what you are going to do with the putt. If you are busy with these elements – “the things that matter” – you will putt consistently well for the rest of your days on the golf course.

Recently I received another email from the “Big R” – a sizable online golf marketing/publisher.

Below is a picture of a putting arc…the answers to all your putting problems (feel, speed, green reading ability, and confidence not included).

Putting aids

Putting aids

Imagine if some of the best putters ever, like: Bobby Locke, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Crenshaw, Arnold Palmer and Garry Player had access to this product when they were at the peak of their careers?

They could have stood in the one place and putt over and over from the the same spot …No need to practice:

  • downhill right-to-lefter’s from 12 feet
  • long putts from 50 ft, or practicing your putting routine so it’s streamline and ready to be used to make that downhill left-to-right putt from 6 feet on the 18th to shot 5 under your handicap

What would have happened if the greats mentioned had the misfortune of using this aid with their idiosyncratic putting strokes when they were playing at the top of their games?

Judging by the putting-strokes of these great players, this arc would have totally destroyed the things that matter: their stroke tempo, feel, and of course their confidence – as they would now be thinking about the stroke…bad move.

If you didn’t grow up with a slow, pendulum-like, passive wrist putting stroke that went back and through on the same arc (like many greats did NOT have), this contraption would have been like a cancer for your putting and golf.

Check out Bobby Locke and Ben Crenshaw’s and strokes below:

Bobby Locke (3 time British open winner); backswing nothing like through swing and also note the upper body “lunge”!

Ben Crenshaw, 2 time Masters Champion and one of the greatest putters ever (using an inside to out stroke); listen to his wisdom. DON’T PUTT from the one spot…practice feel (imagine that!)

Latest golf update from Joan…10 putts for nine holes?

“I have some good news about my golf. I have won the 2013 Club Championship all due to my good putting. I won by 20 strokes over 3 rounds.

We had our final round on Thursday and I must tell you I had 24 Putts! Which is the best I have ever had. 10 Putts on the 1st nine and 14 on the 2nd nine.

It’s all due to The Truth About Putting.”


Joan’s been playing for 6-7 years, she is in her seventies, she aims right of the target with putter-face and body, and she had 24 putts to clinch her club championship, and just 10 putts for 9 holes on her front nine holes, because, she concentrates on THE THINGS THAT MATTER (Aim, Routine, Pull The Trigger).

As a consequence of concentrating on “the things that matter” – not stroke aesthetics, she is orientated towards the target; she does not think about her stroke; she is happy; she looks at the target then back to the ball and pulls the trigger without delay.

Do what Locke did, what Joan and Crenshaw do, and the dozens of Truth About Putting success stories listed here do, focus on the “things that matter” and you will consistently putt well – and sometimes – you will have a “day out” like Joan did to clinch her Club Championship.

If you are a member of The Truth About Putting tribe, and want more information and systems you can follow so you can maximise your putting ability, you can go here and sign up: The Truth About Putting

Enjoy your golf, and I hope to see you on the inside.


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