The Four Keys To Maximizing Your Driving Distance (and other shots)

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Okay, today I tackle the most common aspiration of most golfers: How to hit the ball further?

In a decade – a long long time ago, I had a golf-fitness website, and that website I gave away a golf-fitness report on increasing your driving distance. Well, I thought I would dust it off, update it and give it to you for free.

The 4 Keys To Maximum Driving Distance is quite detailed; it’s coming from someone that has combined golf and tri-weekly fitness sessions for the past 22 years along with regular golf and fitness training of clients for over a decade (for most of those years it was way more than “regular golf”:)

So, you are not going to hear that some recently discovered crazy exercise or golf swing will put 30 yards of distance onto your drives overnight. That’s bulls*&t. No, you get the truth instead, fancy that.

By better understanding the 4 keys to maximum driving distance you can better focus your energy on what parts need work and what part/s will give you maximum impact when it comes to increasing your driving distance and lowering your scores.

You can download the PDF document right here: The Four Keys to Maximum Driving Distance (2013-14)





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