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I was out playing 9 holes the other evening – dripping with sweat – as it was 30 degrees centigrade (86 Fahrenheit), and about 60% humidity, at 7:00 at night! A hot summer – my second on Eastern Australia’s Sunshine-Coast.

I hit the ball well on this evening, hitting half-pitches into short par 4’s, high shots into raised greens, and draws and fades when the shot called for it.

What are the ingredients for hitting ANY shot to the target?

The number 1 most important thing – and will always be – is something I stress in both  The Automatic Golf System and  The Adults Golf Swing Training.

Improving a golf swing is not about mastering “one part of your swing” – or, “looking” a certain way. The golf swing is dynamic, and requires hundreds of muscles to contract and release at just the right time – over the span of a second.

If you concentrate on working on “one thing”, you put the “rational” part of your brain to work But that part is NOT responsible for movement and coordinating a complex skill like swinging the golf club; it’s a swing-wrecker!

The conscious part of the brain can compute – “40 bits of information/second” – versus the subconscious part of the brain…wait for it…40 Million bits of information/second!

The conscious part of the brain is at work when golfers make common commands like these:

  • “release my hips”
  • “keep your head down”
  • “don’t hit in the water”
  • and my favourite: “get the ball up to the hole” (Is that to the lip, 3 feet past the hole, or 10 feet past? Rather, why not “try putt the ball into the hole?”… I know, what a crazy thought.)

The conscious part of your brain has NOTHING to do with the ESSENCE of great golf shots, which are:

  • tempo
  • balance
  • timing

So, the three – “imperative elements” – for excellent ball-striking listed above – are at their best – when you feed your swing – NOT with conscious commands, but, with targets, vision, and imagination.

You take those feelings and you use the type of swing that will get you the ball-flight you want.

So, the reason I could go out the other night, and with my first shot, hit a the ball with a 3/4,-8-iron,- with a slight “hold-off” of the club-face to 10 feet (par 3 opening hole), and then hit a – sweeping 3-wood draw – from 230 yards through the green on the par 5 second hole, and a 65 yard mini-wedge up the hill on the 4th to 8 feet, is that I FED my swing with vision and feelings. I was heavily immersed in my INTENTION for the shot.

I knew the swing (short, long, hard, or soft) I was going to make before I made it, because I FED IT through my eyes and feel. (This is what the Automatic Golf System is about.)

To play these shots – and all shots – my hands rolled and cocked, my body was slow or fast on particular shots (to help me curve the ball one way or another).

How do you – “tap into” – the part of the brain that lets you swing with pure: balance, tempo and coordination – that always results in good shots?

Firstly, you must have an INTENTION for every shot. That would start with at least one target. You must know what type of ball-flight will get the ball to the hole.

Secondly, you need a simple, relaxed technique that lets you produce the swing that will produce the ball flight – that will send the ball to the target.

The Adults Golf Swing is a simple swing. Tour pro’s use Adults Golf Swings for power and consistency. At the core, this is how their swings differ from the average club-golfer’s:

  1. LESS Rolling of the hands away from the ball, and hence, less rolling of the hands through impact
  2. LESS collapsing of arms in the backswing
  3. LESS tension in the arms and hands in the swing
  4. A simpler, 3/4-iron swing. Even with the Driver, the shaft often finishes short of parallel to the ground – at the top of the swing.
  5. MORE balance

Look at what happened when Swedish golfer, Kjell, fine-tuned his swing into an Adults Golf Swing.

Lowest 9 holes in 40 years of playing golf - a 3-under par 33

You can shoot a personal best score too. Adults Golf Swing Training can help you simplify and upgrade your swing.

The Automatic Golf System can help you start to play “feel-based golf”, and that is where low scores are found.

Steve, below, “got it” when he read some of my articles and realized he was ONLY focusing on targets when he was playing tougher holes, and taking a “break” on easier holes.

Since he has been more disciplined, and learned how to imagine and focus on ALL shots and holes, he has played 6 rounds-in-a-row of +6 or better – that’s at least 24-under his handicap!  He plays off 10, and this is the best golf of his life.

Below is the second part of his detailed email.

Steve. English. 6 rds in a row has boken handicap by 3 shots or more part 2 with red line

If you would like to enroll in The Adults Golf Swing Course, and or, The Automatic Golf System, you can do so here:

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