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What you won’t find here on Golf-Kaizen are loads of gadgets and the “latest golf clubs”, why? The fastest way to lowers scores is not through buying all sorts of golfing-gadgets; big leaps in golf-improvement come from proven golf-instruction information combined with analysis and practice.

I will recommend certain golf-improvement products that I have tried, tested or created and have given the seal of approval to (usually golf information).

I will gain income from these products if you purchase, and for that – I am thankful to you; your trust and support means I can continue to produce helpful information to help your game.



This one is from yours truly, no need to pay anything right now, you get loads of great info for free right here: The Great-Leap-Forwards-in PuttingTHE Putting discovery of the last 50 years. If you want to get straight into the videos, eBook and e-lessons now, we have the paid-product – The Truth About Putting – that golfers from all around the World have used and profited from.

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The Truth About Putting: eBooks, Videos, email-lessons.

The Truth About Putting: eBooks, Videos, email-lessons.






The automatic golf swing solution report




Like the Truth About Putting above, this is an in-house production. The main theme is  about setting you up pre-shot, so you can make your best swing on each shot – because we all have them – that is – best swings and great shots.

I have some free videos and a paid course that goes into what I have just mentioned and also – how to make the “magic move” – the most important move in golf (what is the magic move? Sorry can’t tell…okay, it’s the transition from back-swing to downswing; don’t tell anyone:). More on the magic move further down the page.

You can grab some free videos and the 10 page Automatic Golf Swing Report (how to bring out your best swing more often…because it is there!), here: The Automatic Golf Swing Report

Better Golf Swing Technique

The “Magic Move”… What All Great Ball-Strikers DoThe magic move golf swing ebook

You can have a not-so-perfect back-swing like great golfers and Major winners:

Raymond Floyd, Lee Trevino, Fred Couples and Jim Furyk…

… But if you can’t transition properly from back-swing to down-swing, if you can not make the “magic-move” – which includes being in “balance and energized – yet relaxed at the top of the swing,” you will never hit long straight shots consistently.

When you are “balanced, energized yet relaxed” up the top of the back-swing , your hips will move laterally at the right time and your hands, arms and club will “drop” onto the perfect-plane with the correct timing.

For more info on the Magic-Move, go here


The Adults Golf SwingThe Adults Golf Swing Small eBook

Simply put, 99% of club golfers have too many moving parts in their golf swings – they

My ball-striking took off when I evolved from a Kids Swing to a 10-15 greens/round Adults Golf Swing.have “Kids Golf Swings”. Tour Pro’s simply do LESS in their swings, it’s why they are so consistent – they have Adults Golf Swings.

Learn how to upgrade your golf swing here in this detailed blog post on The Adults Golf Swing



The Simple Golf Swing

Master: Setup, Grip, Swing-Plane & Hand & Arm Movements, Leg & Hip Movements, Tempo, Pre-Shot Bubble.

Build a Better Shortgame

This is my latest shortgame training and it covers everything to do with improving your chips, pitches and bunkers.

Here me explain more in this video here. 

Become a more confident chipper, pitchers and bunker player with the Build a Better Shortgame Training Course

Become a more confident chipper, pitcher and bunker player with the Build a Better Shortgame Training Course