Chipping and pitching tips for a fearless, confident short-game

“Play with feel and imagination” Your thoughts should not be technical when you are on the course; this is the process to use: 1. Use your eyes to see where the landing spot will be, the roll, the trajectory, the speed of swing and the release that is needed 2. You should now have a […]

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Focus on the right things to putt well – really well!

“Stop thinking that some new grip, a new putter or a focus on a perfect stroke will make you a better putter” How is a new grip, new putter or a focus on “your stroke” going to help you putt from 30 feet, down a fast, slopped-green to the hole? How is a new grip, […]

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Use The Correct Amount of Wrist-Cock In Your Golf Swing

Over the years there has been so many times where I would be driving great and hitting my irons poorly and then the opposite would happen; irons are good whilst driver is no-good. I never really worked this out until now. There is a major difference between a good driver-swing and a good irons-swing. The […]

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Use Your Best Rhythm For Excellent Ball-Striking

Just fresh back from a peaceful 8 holes (to dark to play the 9th!). I love walking around, hitting a few balls, taking extra time to hit some practice chips and putts around the greens. I started off with couple of poor irons off the first hole, my swing was to short and fast. On […]

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