The Crucial Key Part 1. “Your Putting Intention”

Hi There, Today I kick off a series of posts on a crucial key in golf that when implemented into one part of your game, can have a sizable effect. When implemented into all parts of your game, shot after shot (driving, fairway shots, short-game and putting), you shoot career low scores and your entire […]

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Knock Short-Putts in With Confidence

This article covers how to to knock those short-putts in with confidence. It’s a response to a Truth About Putting Tribe member and her struggle with making short-putts when the pressure is on. You’ll find some golden nuggets within that will help you to make more putts in you very next game. Here we go… […]

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The Four Keys To Maximizing Your Driving Distance (and other shots)

Hi There, Okay, today I tackle the most common aspiration of most golfers: How to hit the ball further? In a decade – a long long time ago, I had a golf-fitness website, and that website I gave away a golf-fitness report on increasing your driving distance. Well, I thought I would dust it off, […]

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Short-Game Secrets from U.S.P.G.A Championship Champion – Steve Elkington

[This post was about lessons learned from Steve Elkington’s shortgame video, but, it is not available anymore. The lessons are of course still valid – they are timeless. Read on and learn, and, I have a new training program on the shortgame here if you are interested.] In this post I’m going to give you […]

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Less is Best – when it comes to playing good golf

I just watched Adam Scott’s highlights from today’s opening round The Australian Open Golf Championship from Royal Sydney. His tournaments the last 4 weeks – in the short – yet enjoyable – Australia golf season, reads: Win (Australian P.G.A – by 4 shots); Win in the Australian Masters; Win in The World Cup teams event […]

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The Truth About Putting Strokes

In a recent article/email I wrote to my subscribers, I detailed how Truth About Putting devotee, “super senior” and good putter, Joan, putts well even though she sets up right and pulls the ball online. I gave Joan an in-person lesson a couple of months after she discovered the Truth About Putting. I detailed in […]

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Warning! Most Golf Instruction and Golf Instructors Don’t Know Much About How Humans Can Best Play Golf

I’m on a few “mailing lists” to other golf publishers (probably like you are on mine). I like to see what content and information-products are being pedaled. I just got yet another “sale” email, from that big site with an R at the start of their name. So much technical, aesthetic, confusing garbage; addictive use […]

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Getting Better At Golf – Every Week… Your Check-List

Getting better at anything doesn’t happen without a “stock-take on what is working and what is not”. Improving your golf and shooting lower scores, requires a frequent observation (after each round) of what part of your game is costing you shots, then coming up with a solution for making that part of your game better. […]

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How To Play Golf Under Pressure – So You Can Finish Off That Hot Round

I have been playing very consistently lately, averaging one over par over the last seven rounds. Good ball-striking, solid chipping and pitching and a streaky putter. A very low round is just around the corner! Playing really well for 16 or 17 holes and blowing it on the last hole or two is a very […]

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Golf Is Imagination With Hands

“Golf Is Imagination With Hands”, a quote from Michael Murphys classic fictional golf-philosophy book – “Golf In The Kingdom” (amazon link). I first read this book about 15 years ago (originally written in the 1970’s). Murphy is an excellent writer. The book is about a young writer (him) who travels to India on a spiritual […]

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