My Number One Golf Swing Key For Pure Drives, Iron-shots, Pitch-Shots and All other Golf Shots

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I have lesson for you today, on my number 1 key for pure: drives, iron-shots, pitches and all other shots.

In recent weeks, I have enjoyed smashing the driver long and straight; 7/8 fairways hit, again, today, at about 290 yards, or, 260m/drive for the metrically-inclined (we have a few tight holes where I hit long, low running 2-irons, hence, only 8 Driver-shots needed).

This is what I have been working on with the Driver:

1. I go through the Automatic Golf MVFEAR process. And, because the lie is always the same (on a tee), your target-area is wide (a fairway), and you don’t have to hit a defined distance, the Driver, when you are in the groove, can be one of the easiest clubs to get a good result with.

Step 1: I pick my trajectory and target. You don’t have to be very creative, because the shot is pretty similar for each hole, just adjust your target.

Step 2. Now, I get a feel for my swing, and how my left arm will work: where the top of my swing will finish (I favor a repeatable, “3/4 Adults Golf Swing”)

Feel/Energy: I vaguely visualize/remember/feel how my left-arm will feel at the top of an on-plane swing: coiled with a 3/4-Arm-Swing – an extremely powerful, repeatable, position to be in.

At the top of my 3/4-style Adults Golf Swing, I feel that my left arm and wrist are right on-plane; it feels as though my left arm – at the top of the swing, and when I start to swing down, is joined via a line to the target, this feels very solid.

This is what being “on-plane” feels like. “Go find that position!”

My own, favourite, “home-grown quote” explains the entire process:

“Know the swing you are going to make, before you make it”…

Visualize and sense, how the swing will feel – how your hands, arms, and body will feel on the backswing, and in the down and through swings).


AP See, feel, swing


Another example – for a totally different shot

If I was to play an 85m gap-wedge, and take 15m off my maximum distance for this club – which is 100m, I would “fleetingly feel” the following:

  • a shorter arm-swing and reduced body turn
  • a fast, uncoiling of the body (because it is a short swing, your pivot must be faster to match the short time-period the swing takes)
  • a firm, “hold-the-club-face-square through-to-the-target release”, finishing in a shorter, extended-arm follow-through position, which creates a medium to low ball-flight that I favor

You don’t stand there, pre-shot, and “check-off” points 1-3 and perhaps a swing-key. No, habitually, you go through the MVFEAR process which will get you focused on:

“Know the swing you are going to make, before you make it”. You “feel the shot”.

Is a lob-shot swing over a bunker, a totally different swing to a Driver-swing or the 1/2-swing described above?

Absolutely. Is the process to go through: “Know what swing you will use, before you use it, the same? Absolutely.

You can see how fun and creative, golf is when you get to create a different action and sequence for each shot (of course, some shots are almost repeats of others).

As the mysterious, Shivas Irons, from the classic golf book, “Golf In The Kingdom” said, “Golf is imagination with hands”.

Are you complicating golf?

  • you get too technical and over analyse your swing
  • you are missing something in your ball-striking
  • or perhaps, on the flip side, you’re are not focused enough on targets…

The Automatic Golf System will help you move up a level and discover (or re-discover) natural, feel-based ball-striking

– the way all the greats of golf played the game.

Sure, “The Greats tweaked their techniques” – as a sculpture would smooth rough edges off a new statue, but, these greats were extremely creative. All of them were very good golfers when they were young (when we are all naturally creative). And, they have kept the “kid-like creativity and feel”, as adults.


Automatic golf, explanation and demonstration


Since, One – my technique has matured into what I call an “Adults Golf Swing”, and Two – I have put together – and follow – a natural process for playing feel-based, creative golf, my ball-striking, feel for my swing, consistency, and scoring, have all ascended to new heights (which includes a 9-birdie, 7-under par round of 65).

Your Opportunity

If you want to simplify and sharpen your technique, and morph that in with target-orientated, low-scoring, feel-golf, you can see me doing and explaining what I’m talking about in greater detail, via the link below.

And, because I so wish for my students to progress (and they do), I have put together dozens of articles/lessons (1 to 2/week) that are delivered over many months, to re-reinforce what you are learning. (I also welcome, student “cyber-contact” with myself, i.e., email).

Your links are below:

The Information/Sales page: The Automatic Golf System and Magic Move Golf Swing Training

The Pricing page, which includes: The Automatic Golf System/Magic-Move and Adults Golf Swing “Packages”.


The Adults Golf Swing ties in with the feel-based ball-striking tuition, that is taught in The Automatic Golf System.

The Adults Golf Swing is my latest training, made up of Four Key Fundamentals (that I had previously not – or anyone had described – linked together).

Together, they simplify, how to hit the ball cleanly to the target, game after game, month after month.

If you start with the Automatic Golf System Long information page, you can move through to the pricing page, or go there right now; you will also learn more about The Adults Golf Swing on the pricing page.

I hope you learned some things today, and of course, put these keys/concepts into practice out on the course – where it all counts.

And what are you going to do before each shot?



Go on, say it…I’m waiting…



Answer: “Know the swing you are going to make, before you make it”…

A super-simple “mantra to follow” when you are out on the course

I hope to hear from you, and you see me in live-action, on the inside.



P.S. If you think this article is different to the normal “dated” golf-instruction advice, and, it kinda makes sense, feel free to pass it on to anyone you think will benefit from it.

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