Less is Best – when it comes to playing good golf

I just watched Adam Scott’s highlights from today’s opening round The Australian Open Golf Championship from Royal Adam Scott In actionSydney. His tournaments the last 4 weeks – in the short – yet enjoyable – Australia golf season, reads: Win (Australian P.G.A – by 4 shots); Win in the Australian Masters; Win in The World Cup teams event (2nd in individual) then today in the opening round of The Australian Open, he shot 10 under par 62 at Royal Sydney – opening with 6 birdies and finishing with 4! He broke the course record by 3 shots.

Adam does less to achieve more

What I see in his swing and in his putting (using the long putter) is that he and the great players (and us from time to time) DO LESS in their swings. They move less, they use gravity more and let the swing and stroke happen.

Here are some examples of doing more (bad):

  • “Looking up” when you putt corrupts the stroke – your doing MORE
  • Hitting the ball to hard from the top of your swing –  is doing MORE

Putting like a robot with a stroke back and forth with you head not peeping at the hole is doing less. This takes discipline but the results are great. Try it.

1 year ago I shot 7 under for 18 holes and putted really well (9 birdies) to convert the close shots – especially from 10 feet in. What I felt was that I was back and through like a robot and I was “in the present”, so looking down and going back and forth like a pendulum, NOT peeping meant I was doing LESS. Plus I was disciplined to keep exactly to my routine – no extra looks (I actually reduced my looks from 3 to 2 on this day (just alignment looks then head down and go); it felt like I was putting more by memory of what I saw early on in lining up the putt).

Whenever I hit from a fairway bunker, the unstable surface (sand) forces me to be “quite” with my lower body otherwise I have no chance of hitting the ball. In this situation I’m trying to let my arms simply fall down from the top of my swing (there is of course a turning of the upper body) – along with quite legs and feet. I’m doing less.

Back to the Great Scott… there are no extra movements in his swing, he turns back, shifts a little and turns through. He doesn’t jump around, he’s not anxious to hit the ball, his mind is calm, his body responds.

Next time you play…try:

  • Do less in your swing; be smooth from the top of your swing
  • Think less, be relaxed, feel the swing you need – then hit use it
  • Pick your line when you putt – remember it – then putt to it – in your head (don’t look up, if you see the line in your head, you don’t need to look up; your stroke will be pure)

Go use these tips…and go Scotty!

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