Learn the correct setup position’s and hand action for solid chips and bunker shots

Once you get into the correct chip-shot ball position and stance you will be set to make the correct non-wrist swing. See video below.

Summary of basic chip-shot

  1. Narrow stance
  2. Centered ball position
  3. Little if any wrist action on short chip sots

The correct hand action and setup for standard bunker shots

Summary of correct hand action and alignment for bunker shots
1. Firstly, Imagine the ball flight you want (see it up nice and high)
2. Wide stance with ball well forward (covered in other videos in depth)
3. The high ball flight requires the correct open stance and ball well forwards to go with the correct flip of the lower hand underneath the ball

Want more shortgame training? See below

The “Build a Better Shortgame Program” includes 25 videos, email lessons, and 2 eBooks which cover:

30 New Short-game Videos to Improve Your game

25 New Short-game videos to Improve Your game

Hit cleaner, more consistent Chip-shots

  • Learn the difference between pitches and chips and when to hit each
  • Learn how to use the correct amount of wrist-action on chips and pitches
  • How to get the set up correct, get it right and your hands and arms will work perfectly
  • How to play green-side pitches from heavy rough
  • How to play chips from skinny and muddy lies

Play Better Half-Wedge Shots, Lobs, and Pitches. Learn how to:

  • Make aggressive 50-80 yard half-wedge swings that so many club-golfers hit fat or thin
  • Hit the 25 yard shots confidently
  • How to play the long, safe pitches, bump and run shots that all the pro’s turn to when the lie is poor

Play Better Bunker shots (9 videos)


  • The crucial setup and swing keys to play short and long bunker shots successfully
  • How to hit out of fairway bunkers shots successfully
  • How to play from uphill, downhill and plugged lies
  • Mental tips for staying calm and executing solid bunkers shots every time
Included in the Deluxe package

Included in the Deluxe package 

 Final Word

Confidence comes from hitting good shots. Goods shots come from:
  1. The correct setup which influences correct hand action (setup differs in all 3 parts of the shortgame)
  2. The correct pre-shot routine and mental skills
This program will help you become very good in each part of the shortgame.
 Just 1 payment of $39 for all 3 shortgame modules

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Also included: Chipping and Bunker Shots eBooks

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