The Medicus Hinge Golf Club Review

What do golfing-greats: Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman and Ernie Els do in a very similar way?

Golf swing takeaway

Golf swing takeaway

It is a move that sets them up to make a big, strong coil, and importantly – it sets their hands, arms, hips, shoulders and club moving at just the right time. We call this synchronization – and it is a key element in a strong, repeatable golf swing.

You see… these parts of your body and the club need to move away at just the right time. Turning too early can result in a flat off-plane swing and reduced power; and picking the club up to early reduces the that “coiling effect” that those great golfers have.

And remember… The hips and legs are strong and only have to turn a short distance in the golf swing, whilst the arms are much weaker and slower, plus – along with the club – they have to travel an enormous distance, all the way to the top of the swing, then down again.

So… give the arms, hands and club a “head-start” on the legs and the lower body hip-turn.

What do the golfing greats mentioned have in common?

Flat versus correct shaft plane (not a video)

Flat versus correct shaft plane (not a video)

Excellent takeaways. They don’t “pick” the club up, they don’t drag it inside off plane, their “parts” move at just the right time.

So how do you get this take-way, golf-swing-plane and “sequencing” just right?

Well trying to swing with better tempo – a slower “move away” from the ball will help (note: all those greats mentioned have quite slow takeaways).

Then you have to be “hinging” the wrists onto the correct plane, and then you want to be making a smooth transition up at the top of the swing.

The problem is that many golfers get too technical when trying to make changes and quite often, they actually work on the wrong thing.

The best way is to “feel” your way to a better golf swing.

An excellent swing-aid that covers everything that I’m talking about – without you getting too mechanical – is the medicus hinge golf club.

I first swung one when I was a Tarinee-pro back in the late 90’s. It really does “focus your mind” and get you swinging back with a nice slow takeaway and… on the correct plane – which is going to help your path on the way down.

It gives you “instant feedback” on your takeaway and path.

Check out these before and after videos for these three club-golfers on the Medicus website

The Taylor Made Performance Laboratory scientifically measured these club-golfers: swing speed, path, center-strike and the results were amazing. Plus you can see with your own eyes how much better each golfer is swinging.

Mark O’ Meara (U.S. Masters and British Open Champion) and Tiger Woods Former Coach – Hank Haney, rate

Two time major championship winner: Mark O'Meara

Two time major championship winner: Mark O’Meara

medicus as one of the best training aids in golf.

Anyway, enough said, go over and check out these swing videos , they are pretty cool.