“The Magic Move… What All Great Ball-Strikers Do”

Personally, I started to get greater consistency to my swing and hit way better high, straight, long-iron shots and drives when I started to apply the “magic-move” many years ago.

I can look back and see my personal ground-breaking rounds (we all have those special rounds) come about as a consequence of good putting, a good short-game and good striking because of the “magic-move.”

My personal best scores and ball-striking have got better over the years (culminating in a 7-under par, 9-birdie round two months back) because of the “magic-move”.

What is the Magic-Move?

Do you want to know? Should I tell you?


I don’t know… it’s top secret!

Na… Just kidding…

… The magic-move is the transition of the golf swing from back-swing to downswing.

You can have a not-so-perfect back-swing like great golfers and Major winners:

Raymond Floyd, Lee Trevino, Fred Couples and Jim Furyk…

… But if you can’t transition properly from back-swing to down-swing, if you can not make the “magic-move” – which includes being in “balance and energized – yet relaxed at the top of the swing,” you will never hit long straight shots consistently.

When you are “balanced, energized yet relaxed” up the top of the back-swing , your hips will move laterally at the right time and your hands, arms and club will “drop” onto the perfect-plane with the correct timing.

This is an amazing feeling and once you “master the move” the arms, club and hands have nowhere to go but down the plane (it feels like a rail that your arms and club can’t get off) and move squarely into the ball – at speed.

How do you get the move?

Well, you can’t be “technical” about this; the dumb conscious part of your brain can processes 40-bits of information per second; the “feeling, musical, artistic, creative, champion, subconscious part of your brain” can process….

… 40 000 000… yes that is 40-million bits of information per second!

This is what all great strikers “tap into”; to swing well you must learn the swing-keys that let your body and club execute the “magic-move”. Give your brain the wrong commands and you will be tight, anxious and wide off the tee – consistently.

Tap into your pure, rhythmical swing – your true swing – and striking the golf ball becomes joyful.

Now what should you do with this information?

Use it! Be smooth from the top of your swing, and…

… if you want to short-cut the process and get some of the best “magic-move” relaxed swing-keys that I have used over the years, which can take your “ball-striking” to a much higher level, come and see me do it live.

I have produced a small library of swing-videos that help you program your brain (swing-keys) and tap into your REAL SWING; the fluid, rhythmical, creative swing that sends the ball long and straight. It is there, you just have to let it come out !

Go here to check it out: The Magic-Move (This page is on my Truth About Putting website).

Best Regards,