Knock Short-Putts in With Confidence

This article covers how to to knock those short-putts in with confidence. It’s a response to a Truth About Putting Tribe member and her struggle with making short-putts when the pressure is on.

You’ll find some golden nuggets within that will help you to make more putts in you very next game.

Here we go…


I have thoroughly enjoyed your e book and videos and what I take most from it is how important the routine is. I play off 20 and could be closer to 15 if I could just improve my pitching and putt well under pressure. I go out and practice and go through all of the routine in practice, have no nerves and all the putts go in.

But when I am in competition and with certain people who I guess I am trying to impress, I am shaking and feel like I can’t even putt at all. I tell myself to think about my routine and all I do is jab at the ball and not follow through, no pendulum, too quick etc etc. Everything goes out the window. At the green for 3 for a par 5 and then 4 putt.

I know it is the yips and I was playing in the mixed foresome championships with a 2 handicapper, and I was very nervous, played beautifully until I got to the green and completely lose it.

Apart from putting everything out of my mind and focus on my routine, is there anything else I can do to get over this problem?

Thank you very much



Hi Shelley,

If you miss short-putts by: slowing down the stroke, looking up and dribbling to ball to the hole, you must get back to anchoring your mind on ONE thought throughout the ENTIRE putt (focus). You can’t look up to early, slow down the blade or dribble the ball to the hole if you are anchored, the human brain can only think of one thing at once…so the stroke and the speed of the ball is a reaction to the “reading” and your intention.

What is your mental anchor when your are putting the ball?

You probably have one – or a feeling that you are using in practice – if you are putting fine in that environment. Try and monitor what you are consistently doing on the putting green and do it exactly on the course. That is your sole purpose on the course, to follow your routine and “give in” to your anchor. If you can “give in” and not be preoccupied with making the putt, you will make a lot of putts.

What is your routine?

– How many looks at the hole?

– Practice swings, do you take any, and how many (these can sometimes take your ming off the feeling generated in the reading and your anchor)?

– What do you think about? (should be routine; picking out your targets; getting “in” to the line)

Doing less of all of the above – the better. Less looks, less practice swings, less thoughts – focus on line, speed and one anchor.

An anchor

You may have one; you may find it when you are knocking in putts on the green (where is your head at when you are “knocking them in”?)

Or, try and the “feel-the-pendulum” anchor – a perfect back and through stroke and the right tempo; if you “look up” or slow the blade down, your are not focused (anchored) on “feeling-the-pendulum”.

Do you see Shelley? If you are truly anchored/feeling (focused) you can’t do something else – like looking up or thinking of missing. Impossible.

When I shot that 9-birdie-round about a year ago, I felt like a robot on putts under 10 feet. Robots don’t twist and turn their bodies, look up, or slow the bade down; they step up, align, stroke with a robotic pendulum action, the body is still, the head is down, the ball goes off at the perfect speed. They have no emotions, there is no good or bad, there is no making or missing, there are NO CONSEQUENCES (ideal). They aim, putt and listen. Whatever happens – happens.

Carry out the mission correctly and the positive results will take care of themselves

More anchors when putting:

– You could “roll-the-logo” along your line at the right speed. Just roll the logo. Keep your head down and give in to rolling the logo (I don’t do this but if you are struggling with staying down use it as part of your whole routine).

– Some try and see what’s under the ball after they have putted the ball, this helps you keep your head down and you focus on one thing.

– Short putts: pick the line, a spot, and the path; imagine the speed, step up and putt.

(Right now, I’m doing this with out spreading my feet; I simply align the putter to my line once, look back and “remember the line and speed” (this becomes my anchor – the memory of the line and speed to the hole) and wrap the ball in along the line (Speed + Line = My Intention. “I putt my Intention”).

Before I walk up to the the ball (from behind) I have picked out the exact line and speed; I know where it’s going. I walk up knowing the exact line and speed, I set up quickly and apply my Intention (try and knock that ball in firmly on those short putts).

Have no fear, stick to you plan, be strong and go for it!

Long putts: try and pick out a couple of break points to the hole, roll the ball along the line into the hole. Simple.

There we go Shelley, in summary, you have to focus on your line and speed and an anchor, if you look up or slow the blade down you are simply not being focused on line, speed and anchor. Pick your speed and line and carry out your intention. If you mind wonders, pick out one of the anchors mentioned and think only of that AS YOU PUTT.

Let me know how you do and let me know if you have questions, I want to see you putt really well under all circumstances”.


There we go , I think there are a few things there for all of us; pick out one or two nuggets and go apply them when you play next. Be bold, strong and disciplined, you will be rewarded.

Want more? Want some live action and step-by-step system to follow ?(love my systems). Well, there is a lot more behind the curtain; videos, DVD’s, eBooks, email-Lessons to guide you on making long & short putts, to putting well under pressure, to recovering from miss putts, to shooting your lowest score ever.

(I promote there being 12 e-lessons, but, I’m up to about 20).

All available for the price of one game of golf, here: The Truth About Putting

What you learn, you will have for life, way more valuable than a new piece of golf equipment (if your goal is to shoot lower scores and edge up towards your potential).

That’s it from me, go use those lessons and shoot some low scores.







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