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Recently, I played golf on The Gold Coast, (Queensland, Australia) with Truth About Putting Members (TAP) and also some holes played with PGA Tournament winner – Andre Stolz.

I had just spent a few weeks (most afternoons on-course, and inside the house) adjusting my set-up position to be closer to the ball. Your arms and body action should change slightly because of different set up positions. (The set-up paves the way for how your body and arms will swing; correct alignment, distance from the ball, and spine angle can help you achieve solid, consistent ball striking).

The Beautiful Sanctuary Cove Pines Golf Course

The Beautiful Sanctuary Cove Pines Golf Course


For example, I’m standing closer to the ball with my high irons, so instinctively, I can feel a beautiful automatic move to the inside with the club at the top of the swing; and then I turn left at impact to clear my left side. If I was to NOT make these moves, I’d probably shank the ball!

But that is the whole point of a set up change – it forces you into different positions and influences how you attack the ball (steep, shallow, from inside or outside, down the line). As I stated, that move from the top is not conscious, it’s instinctive, triggered by the different set-up position

I was happy with my ball-striking on the Gold Coast, shooting under par in 3 nine holes out of the 6 nine holes played.

My driving got better and better (I didn’t have a large set-up change, just a general feeling of not reaching for the ball).

The high-irons were good, I hit many to between 3 and 10 feet over the few days – as it should be all the time!

Let’s take a look at our Adults Golf Swing fundamentals once again:

  1. Proper hand action (hinging correctly in backswing then releasing hands through the ball)
  2. A simple, 3/4 to parallel swing (with a weight transfer)
  3. A balanced swing with legs and feet supporting (with not too much involvement)

In the context of the Adults Golf Swing, how did Tour Pro, Andre Stolz perform? Well, he play’s great, I really enjoyed seeing him hit all sorts of shots. He has that tour level trajectory – high (and a very tidy shortgame).

He ticked all the boxes in our Adults Golf Swing Model, apart from breaking the rules on his driver…

Andre has a quick swing tempo, and he has a much long driver-swing than iron-swing. Sometimes he swings it way to long (John Daly length, but not with John’s slow wind-up). When Andre is too fast and long he hits big hooks.

He simply gets out of sync, the swing becomes too long and it is too hard to coordinate, and he knows it. I’m sure if gets back to playing tournaments he will target this.

Ripping the driver at specific targets

I remember on the last day, I hit the driver very well. I was giving playing lessons so I was running through my pre shot process with my TAP subscribers (and helping them with their’s). The process is: think, see, feel and swing – as explained in The Automatic Golf System.

On particular drives, I remember aiming over bunkers (that I knew I could carry), between bunkers at trees in the background, and one memorable drive that was aimed and executed successfully at a mob of Kangaroos in the background!  (I reiterate, they were in the background – unreachable:).

On that drive, I had water on the right, a reachable bunker on the left, and a carry-able bunker on right. So many hazards…what do you do? Well, you either play a conservative tee shot with an iron or lofted wood, or if you are confident, zero in on SPECIFIC target and drill the ball at your target (I hit these drives straight, next to no curve).

(Sounds weird, but I feel my left arm at the top of the swing being linked to my target.)

Aiming at specific targets helps you drive straight. It takes more effort to focus specifically – instead of “down the fairway” but the rewards are worth the effort.

A better swing, positive thoughts, and better course management are linked. Drilling the ball at specific targets is good course management, and it also makes your swing perform better.

(You see how suddenly the hazards have now been replaced with the Kangaroos. I’m simple guy…I can only think of one thing at once: hazards or my target in the background aligned with the center of the fairway – the Roo’s!)

Try that next time your confronted with a challenging tee shot (actually, try that on every tee shot – that is, aim at a specific target).

Want to hit more consistent, well struck golf shots?

In the Adults Golf Swing Training Course, I show you:

  • The solid 3/4 to parallel swing fundamentals
  • Strong straight driving technique and process
  • How to hit pin-seeking high irons

The Automatic Golf System helps you play by instinct, you start tapping into your best swing more often…you know the one you use every now and then that sends the ball to the target.

By simply seeing, feeling and swinging, you rid yourself of too many technical thoughts, whether it’s hitting: drives, shaping shots, pitch shots from 50 yards, high or low shots, The Automatic Golf System explains how to “feel out these shots”.

The Adults Golf Swing and Automatic Golf System will help your ball striking and feel for the game, they can be purchased together or separately, here



Adults Golf Swing Success Story:

60 year old, 4-Handicapper, Kjell, from Sweden, applied what he learned from the Adults Golf Swing information, and within 2 weeks, had his lowest 9 holes ever – a 3-under par, 33.​

Automatic Golf Success Story:

Two handicapper, David, stopped using typical technique focused golf instruction tips that were invading his brain, and switched to the THINK, SEE, FEEL SWING process learned in The Automatic Golf System. He got his old game back. He shot a 5 under 67 and he is very happy to be PLAYING golf again – not working at it.

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