Chipping and pitching tips for a fearless, confident short-game

“Play with feel and imagination”

Your thoughts should not be technical when you are on the course; this is the process to use:

1. Use your eyes to see where the landing spot will be, the roll, the trajectory, the speed of swing and the release that is needed

2. You should now have a “strong feeling” for how you want to play the shot

3. “Go up to the ball and use that feel, swing and release straight away, don’t waste any time; that natural feel is never wrong, use it without delay.”

You will fail if… You get bogged down in thinking about your technique. The human brain and body best responds to targets without delay; play like this and you will hit good shots all the time.

Vision (imagination) > Energy (feel) > Action (swing)

1. Vision: Look and see what type of shot is needed, look and see what type of swing you will make. Will the shot be low or high, will it roll a lot, spin or go way up in the air?

2. Energy (feel): The vision is now translated into a real shot through your hands. Get creative.

3. Go up to the ball with the energy and feel for the shot from the preparation, and apply that energy from your body and hands through the club into the ball.

“You must imagine the shot and play it aggressively without delay or fear”.

What are your problems when it comes to chipping and pitching? Do you slow down through impact? Do you hit them thin or fat?

Let me know and I will see if I can suggest a solution to get you back on track. And if you would like some video training on all parts of the shortgame (and eBooks), take a look at the Build a Better Shortgame training course, here.



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