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How to use your brain correctly for practicing the golf swing and when playing golf

*This is a continuation of the last post on identifying your Kids-Swing moves and The Golf Swing Mastery Factor. Part 3 – One more thing you need to know… Learn The Truth About HOW To Improve Your The Golf Swing, AndHOW To Use It On The Course In Auto-Pilot Mode – The Mode That Great Players […]

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Do You Struggle To Hit Consistently Clean, Accurate Golf Shots? It’s Because You Are Using A Kids Golf Swing. Top Amateurs And Pro’s Use The Professional, Adults Golf Swing. See below if you have one or more of the four most common Amateur, Kids-Swing Faults

Your Lessons: Lesson 1 – Be able to identify what Kid-Swing moves you make by answering the questions and studying the photo’s below Lesson 2 – Learn about The Golf Swing Mastery Factor and how it is violated in the Kid Swings and forms the backbone of the mechanically correct Professional, Adults Golf Swing. Lesson 3 […]

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Five Golf Swing Fundamentals That Top Players Use

Hi, Has your golf swing/ball-striking and scoring improved over the past 1 to 20 years? If it has, can you point to the few factors that improved to make your swing/ball-striking better? If you haven’t improved, it’s because you can’t answer question 2. I’m not talking about trying something new – that most golfers do […]

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Tips on ripping your driver long and straight

In this article you will find some useful tips on driving long and straight. I’m back playing competition golf (several games/week). It always takes a few weeks to get all parts of my game up to a good standard that can produce par and sub-par rounds. I scored +5 the other day at the challenging […]

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Take Your Ball-Striking And Golf To The Next Level

Hi there, I was out playing 9 holes the other evening – dripping with sweat – as it was 30 degrees centigrade (86 Fahrenheit), and about 60% humidity, at 7:00 at night! A hot summer – my second on Eastern Australia’s Sunshine-Coast. I hit the ball well on this evening, hitting half-pitches into short par […]

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My Number One Golf Swing Key For Pure Drives, Iron-shots, Pitch-Shots and All other Golf Shots

Hi {!firstname_fix}, I have lesson for you today, on my number 1 key for pure: drives, iron-shots, pitches and all other shots. In recent weeks, I have enjoyed smashing the driver long and straight; 7/8 fairways hit, again, today, at about 290 yards, or, 260m/drive for the metrically-inclined (we have a few tight holes where […]

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Byron Nelson and The “3-Keys-to-Pure-Shots Formula”

If one is thinking too “technically”…about TRYING to accomplish a specific “look” in the swing or TRYING for a “one-piece takeaway” or “keeping the head still”, it’s going to be very hard to play vision/feel-based golf – the way the greats played the game. If you break your swing into segments, you will lose your […]

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The Crucial Key Part 2. “Your Golf Swing Intention”

This post is a follow up to  part 1 on your Putting-Intention. Having a strong Intention for where the ball is going to fly, makes golf much easier. And its not always about hitting outstanding shots. If you select the correct shot to play, have a strong intention and DO NOT strike the ball well, generally, […]

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Less is Best – when it comes to playing good golf

I just watched Adam Scott’s highlights from today’s opening round The Australian Open Golf Championship from Royal Sydney. His tournaments the last 4 weeks – in the short – yet enjoyable – Australia golf season, reads: Win (Australian P.G.A – by 4 shots); Win in the Australian Masters; Win in The World Cup teams event […]

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Golf Is Imagination With Hands

“Golf Is Imagination With Hands”, a quote from Michael Murphys classic fictional golf-philosophy book – “Golf In The Kingdom” (amazon link). I first read this book about 15 years ago (originally written in the 1970’s). Murphy is an excellent writer. The book is about a young writer (him) who travels to India on a spiritual […]

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