Use Your Best Rhythm For Excellent Ball-Striking

Just fresh back from a peaceful 8 holes (to dark to play the 9th!). I love walking around, hitting a few balls, taking extra time to hit some practice chips and putts around the greens.

I started off with couple of poor irons off the first hole, my swing was to short and fast.

On the third ball I made a much more distinct takeaway and a longer swing – and subsequently – a solid shot.

I was off and running and hit the ball solidly for the remainder of the afternoon.
The night before this afternoon hit, I had been reviewing a “Butch Harmon” teaching video. There were some interviews with a few of Butch’s most famous students, including Tiger Woods. During this section of the video on Tiger, there was some rare footage of a 17 year old Tiger hitting practice balls (Woods is six weeks older than myself).

Tiger’s swing during this particular practice session looked superb. The way everything followed his “purposeful takeaway”; his hands, arms and club start off, then the upper-body starts rotating, followed by the the hips.

It seems as though the swing is being “built” as he swings back; the speed increases slowly then the swing sequence goes into reverse from the top as the speed increases.

I was thinking about this when I played my 8 holes – trying to “channel Wood’s rhythm” – which is not dissimilar to mine – when I’m swinging well.

Many times I have watched videos of golfers then gone out and swung nicely (I will have to put all my old videos on DVD’s).

Without trying to do much technically, just try and work on a nice rhythm, pick a very good player that you have a similar tempo to, watch him or her on video then try and use your “best rhythm” when out on the course.

Finding a relaxed rhythm fixes dozens of technical aspects of your swing – without you consciously thinking about specific parts of the swing (this ideal).

I know when had my all time low round of 65 including 9 birdies a little while back, I had a superb rhythm going. I pictured my shots, I used a “relaxed arms” swing-key and swung smoothly.

Relax and “build” the swing speed with a slow deliberate takeaway.

Take a look at Tiger below in this video I shot for you (the quality of the video is low, but the quality of golf-swing is sky high!).



A Young Tiger – With A Superb, Languid, Rhythmical Swing

Here you can find my full review of Butch Harmon’s Golf Instruction DVD’s.

What keys do you use to find “your best rhythm”? Leave a comment below. Ant


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