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Henrik Stenson and Notes on Playing in The Zone

[I started this article three four days a go! Its a little different – concepts/words that may help you see the game/swing from a different perspective. For me – and hopefully for you as well – this is an inspirational topic: Playing golf in The Zone. These special rounds/times are ones that we absolutely cherish! The aim of this article is to provide […]

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How to use your brain correctly for practicing the golf swing and when playing golf

*This is a continuation of the last post on identifying your Kids-Swing moves and The Golf Swing Mastery Factor. Part 3 – One more thing you need to know… Learn The Truth About HOW To Improve Your The Golf Swing, AndHOW To Use It On The Course In Auto-Pilot Mode – The Mode That Great Players […]

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Do You Struggle To Hit Consistently Clean, Accurate Golf Shots? It’s Because You Are Using A Kids Golf Swing. Top Amateurs And Pro’s Use The Professional, Adults Golf Swing. See below if you have one or more of the four most common Amateur, Kids-Swing Faults

Your Lessons: Lesson 1 – Be able to identify what Kid-Swing moves you make by answering the questions and studying the photo’s below Lesson 2 – Learn about The Golf Swing Mastery Factor and how it is violated in the Kid Swings and forms the backbone of the mechanically correct Professional, Adults Golf Swing. Lesson 3 […]

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Five Golf Swing Fundamentals That Top Players Use

Hi, Has your golf swing/ball-striking and scoring improved over the past 1 to 20 years? If it has, can you point to the few factors that improved to make your swing/ball-striking better? If you haven’t improved, it’s because you can’t answer question 2. I’m not talking about trying something new – that most golfers do […]

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Learn the correct setup position’s and hand action for solid chips and bunker shots

Once you get into the correct chip-shot ball position and stance you will be set to make the correct non-wrist swing. See video below. Summary of basic chip-shot Narrow stance Centered ball position Little if any wrist action on short chip sots The correct hand action and setup for standard bunker shots Summary of correct hand […]

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Follow this process and use this swing for consistently strong ball striking

Hi, Recently, I played golf on The Gold Coast, (Queensland, Australia) with Truth About Putting Members (TAP) and also some holes played with PGA Tournament winner – Andre Stolz. I had just spent a few weeks (most afternoons on-course, and inside the house) adjusting my set-up position to be closer to the ball. Your arms and body action should change slightly because […]

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Solid chipping, pitching and bunker play with USPGA Tour Winner – Andre Stolz

I just finished a weekend at a “chipping mastery workshop” at the beautiful (but cold!) Cape Schanck Golf Course, Victoria, Australia. (Schanck – unfortunate name for us golfers.) I came down for the weekend to play golf, give a few putting and playing lessons, and to experience the workshop while lending a hand. I’m going […]

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Do not set up the same for each golf club – if you want to play your best golf

Hi There, If you are fully tuned-in to what ball-flight you want to achieve, your body will make the set-up adjustments that are required to hit the desired shot. Let me explain. I remember reading in a book, the young Tom Kite and Ben Crenshaw (Major Championship winners from the 80’s and 90’s) rushed in […]

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In the zone driving from the tee – use these tips

Hi there, I was beaten in a matchplay game the other day. It came down to me missing three greens with a couple of mid to high irons and putting poorly! Yes, I know, Anthony the “putting-guy” putting poorly…ha ha, very funny! What also hindered my success was my opponent making five one-putts in a row from 12-25ft, from the 3rd to the 7th greens (it […]

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Relaxing at just the right time is a vital part of excellent putting

Hi, Being relaxed when putting is a crucial part of putting well on long, medium, and short putts. I putted very well in my last few rounds – including on the weekend in a match-play competition (and so did my opponent). My opponent and I  made 8 birdies between us – and many long par […]

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