About Golf-Kaizen

Golf-Kaizen is dedicated to providing in-depth golf-improvement articles that help golfers improve every part of their games.

“Kaizen”? Here is a short quote from Wikipedia:

 “Japanese for “improvement”, or “change for the better” refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, and business management.”

Golf-Kaizen… Different to your average golf website; here’s how:

At Golf-Kaizen we focus on ALL parts of golf-improvement, from golf-mental-skills to swing-technique to putting to short-game to golf-fitness and most importantly, we look into how to lower your average score and shoot your best 9 and 18 hole scores ever (this is a big part of why I play golf…those magical days or even just nine holes where everything falls into place; you play to your potential).

The missing element of modern-day teaching

I believe a missing element in golf teaching today is that the “teachers” – don’t actually play golf!

Big statement? Well, I see most club-pro’s working in their business; the pro-shop, small-biz management and teaching – from the practice tee/green – only.

If the golf-coach is not playing golf regularly, he/she is not experiencing the insights gained from weekly practice, and the on-going pursuit of lower scores out on the golf course under competition-pressure.

Situations that you are confronted with when playing regularly include: how to best respond to a 3-putt, or a succession of wayward drives, or a double-bogie, or how to work on your swing whilst not compromising immediate scoring ability.

 These elements must be experienced constantly to stay sharp and to teach all parts of golf-improvement. If you are not involved in Golf-Kaizen (continuous improvement), you become stale and removed from the essential scoring elements of the game.

Please…get golf lessons from good teachers, work on your technique, but don’t forget about the main goal of scoring lower.

To improve and shoot lower “energizing amazing potential-touching golf rounds”, you must work on ALL parts of your game; putting, chipping, driving, irons, bunker-shots, shaping shots, playing better under pressure and importantly – managing your thoughts and emotions.

You must also analyze all parts of your game; no need to go overboard with this, just be aware of what parts of your game need work.

Business or Governments that don’t improve stagnate and eventually fail. Same goes for your golf game. Keep getting better at each part of your game. The sum of this improvement in each part of your game can be a large shot/reduction from your average round.

Your Head Golf-Kazen Practitioner

Hi, my name is Anthony Procopis. I’m 37 years old and I have been playing since I was 10. Golf has 022been a major part of my life for all those years.

I did a professional golf trainee-ship back in the late 90’s, I was about to pass my final year when I got sick. This pushed my life down a different path to what was expected (turn pro; teach, play, work).

But, that is part of life, I choose to move on and continue to get better at this great game.

My Commitment To You

I match those opening words with actions, for me to give you the best advice possible, I draw on decades of high-level golf experience and importantly – I draw on current “Golf-Kaizen experiences”. I’m still striving to improve – just like you, I don’t play and practice everyday like a “golf-kaizen madman” (like I was), but I do compete and do a little practice every week.

My Golf-Kaizen is partly motivated by you… If I talk about golf-improvement and how to get better at golf, I MUST be doing it myself on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis; I must be inquiring and striving to get better and shoot lower scores. The result of doing this is: personal improvement, a strong golf-web-business, and of course – inspired-instruction and support for you to become the best player you can be.

Proof of my on-going golf-improvement as a player can be seen in a recent personal best 7-under par round of 65, which included 9 birdies, and yes – I left a couple of shots out there (bogies on 14 and 16); something for a golf-kaizen man to work on!

Here is the card below:

"Going Low". I don't know of better way to spend 4.5 hours on this earth!

“Going Low”. I don’t know of a better way to spend 4.5 hours on this Earth!

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